My job is to help you find a career that makes you happy, and give you the tools you need to succeed in it. 


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Selected Testimonials

  • Amy helped me see how the skills I’d gained in my previous internships and experiences could be applied to a variety of positions in different industries. I am now working as an immigration paralegal at a small law firm, a job that I would never have pictured for myself during my college years—and I really love the work. Amy was truly invaluable to me in my search.

    Welleslely College Grad

  • Without Amy’s support and advice, I don’t think I would have been as successful in the job market. I now know how to organize my contacts, utilize my network and feel prepared for an interview. Amy’s services allowed me to feel prepared and left me feeling confident for an interview

    Carleton College Grad

  • My problem was staying motivated while looking for a job and remaining optimistic about the job search. Amy gave me a chance to look at my strengths and weakness, and explore different industry options. I was able to stay organized and updated with my job search with Amy’s services, something I could never have done on my own.

    Holy Cross Grad

  • Amy did an amazing job editing my resume. I started with a draft that was unfocused and didn’t highlight my skills and experience. With her suggestions and guidance I created a version that I was proud to show contacts and potential employers. She was also instrumental in helping me craft impactful cover letters that made a great first impression. I would recommend Amy to any early or mid-career professional looking to improve or change the trajectory of their career.

    Loras College Grad

  • Amy is a great coach and mentor! I took advantage of my liberal arts education to study a variety of subjects. After graduation, Amy helped me determine what career path my skills would best be suited for. She gave me the confidence to network and interview successfully by helping me realize that my strengths were desirable to organizations. As I continue on the career path that Amy helped me discover, I plan on turning to her for future job-related and life questions!

    Dartmouth Grad

  • As my college career was coming to an end Amy's passion and motivation inspired me to dedicate myself to find a job that I felt was a good fit for me. What she taught me about how to write business communications, how to interview, and how to build a network definitely made a difference in landing my first job and I know I'll always use those skills. The mix of written tutorials, worksheets, assessments and most of all one-on-one coaching sessions were fantastic!

    Salem State Grad

  • Amy was really great at preparing me for interviews by explaining exactly what I would be doing if I got the job, and how that fit into the overall company. Her coaching made me a lot more confident, and her written tutorials helped me clarify my own goals. I am so happy to have landed a great job, and it has been great to be able to call Amy in the first couple of months for her help and perspective on work issues.

    Bucknell Grad

  • Amy gave me fantastic advice about how to prepare for interviews. With her coaching, my interview skills improved dramatically. Together, we identified what specifically I wanted to convey about myself and how to do it. I knew I had nailed the interview for my new job before it was even over. When it comes time to interview again, I'll be confident about what I need to do.

    Lehigh Grad

  • An opportunity came to me out of the blue and needed immediate follow up, and Amy coached me through what I needed to say, do, and write in order to turn a random contact into an interview. Thanks to Amy's fast, thorough, and common sensical guidance, I've finally landed my dream job in a field I've been pursuing work in for five years. Thank you Amy!

    Boston Architectural College Grad

  • Having Amy to help with a job search is like having GPS in a maze. She has a tremendous ability to distill the countless aspects of job seeking into easy, digestible concepts. She’s also very flexible to your own career goals and desires. You may go over a range of potential job options, but there’s no pressure to pursue something she sends your way. Working with Amy is like working with a trusted friend. She is professional in her work, yet personal in her approach. My time with Amy hasn’t felt like work at all; it’s felt like good conversations with a smart friend who is willing to help.

    Tulane Grad