What Do I Offer?

I’m in this to help you get and keep a job that makes you happy. A successful career can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences and I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve it.

I coach my clients through a formal methodology that starts with career discovery and lasts through their first performance review in their new job.  Each job search process is customized according to specific, agreed-upon goals.  With my help, clients make the most of what they’ve got, pursue what they need, and become successful in what they do. 

How Can You Benefit?

Your college, your friends and your parents all want to help.  But your career center doesn’t have the capacity to work with you as closely as I can, and your friends’ advice may be worth what it costs.  As for your parents, remember when they tried to teach you to drive?

Working together, we can figure out what is out there for you and how you can get it.

My guiding principles are:

•    There are always good jobs for good people.

•    When your job search is done right, it can be energizing and should yield dividends far into the future.

•    With the right fit, a job can be one of life’s most rewarding and meaningful experiences.

What’s My Story?

I have had a successful and rewarding 25+year career in business.  As a manager and executive, I’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates, and both hired and managed dozens.  As a management consultant, I’ve analyzed hundreds of job roles and what makes people successful in them.  I’ve been privileged to work in a wide variety of industries, from non-regulated energy production to cell phone marketing to low-income housing.  As a result, I know a lot about what kinds of jobs there are, and what kind of skills are required in them.  I work exclusively with young adults starting their careers. My own transition from college to career was difficult.  Yours doesn’t have to be.

I went to a good college and earned a good GPA.  My first resume was filled with college leadership roles and part-time business experience.  I had ambition, drive and enthusiasm.  I had seminars at my college career center, books on how to write a resume, and a skirt suit. I did everything I was supposed to do- and I could not get a job after graduation.  It felt that after 21 years of working hard at everything that I was supposed to do, I’d come to an abyss.  Slowly, after a year of temp work and a lot of cereal, I found my way to a career.  As it turned out, I had everything I needed the whole time - I just didn’t know it.  This experience inspired a passion in me to provide the resources I wish that I had then.  

Over the years, I’ve helped dozens of young adults find their way after college. Let me do the same for you.