More About My Career

My widely varied career has been driven primarily by intellectual curiosity to know what people really do and how things really work.  I am knowledgeable on subjects as far ranging as the yield rate of raw material to finished steel as it goes through the blast oxygen furnace process; to how to identify the cost of acquiring, losing and winning back cell phone customers by behavioral segment.  You wouldn’t want to get me started on either of those topics at a cocktail party, I know, but my background does uniquely position me to advise 20-somethings on entry paths into multiple industries and functional areas.  

•    Executive 

o    Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer at a Boston-based community development bank with over $750 million in assets.  Developed national strategy for rolling out mortgage relief program, brought internal processes and departments up to best practices standards, identified and hired key personnel to best accomplish the organization’s mission.
o    Senior Director, Operations at a $40 million division of a pharmaceutical research organization aimed at providing research in Phase II and III-a clinical trials.  Worked with scientists to achieve better overall profitability through improved and standardized project management processes.
o    Senior Director, multiple roles at a higher education publishing company where achievements included development of a digital products group, migration of traditional development and production processes to digital technologies, development of an inside sales group and innovative strategies for increasing revenue for external sales force.  Ran strategic planning for nine years for the President of this $350 million division, both developing and leading implementation of strategies during a rapidly changing period for the publishing industry.

•    Entrepreneur

o    Co-founder of a consulting firm based on helping organizations develop customer relationship management strategies to improve both revenue and profit of customer relationships at the individual level.  Clients included a higher education publishing company, a call center and direct marketing agency.  Negotiated and managed sale of organization to a unit of Omnicom at time when billings were were approaching $1MM annually with eight staff.

•    Global Management Consultant

o    Worked with executives at the national steel company of Argentina to retrofit their plants to produce higher grades of steel prior to implementation of the common market that eliminated tariffs on imported steel from Brazil.  Identified and helped develop Pacific trade markets.
o    Developed economic analyses for a Canadian cellular phone provider to identify revenue and profit models for acquiring and retaining customers in a period of double digit monthly growth.  
o    Redesigned and implemented logistics chain for a chemical manufacturer whose products were ultimately used in consumer products.  For major retailers with EDI capabilities, linked to production to real time sales and significantly reduced operating costs.

•    Banking

o    Responsible for an $850 million portfolio of corporate and project loans in the oil and gas and extractive industries.  Key participant in financing gold mines, solvent extraction plants, cogeneration and geothermal projects.  Grew fee revenue each year from clients in a ten-state region on the West Coast that included three major oil companies.

•    Education

o    BA, cum laude, Wellesley College 1985
o    MBA, Tuck School at Dartmouth College 1992