Job Coach Amy Methodology

You are unique.  Your job search should be, too.  As a JobCoachAmy client, you and I work together through four objectives.

1.    Plan the life you want

  • Learn what you would actually do in entry-level jobs across all your fields of interest
  • Understand how your unique skills and experiences can drive your choices
  • Craft a set of informed job search objectives
  • Develop a comprehensive job search plan, with accountability for weekly goals

2.    Position yourself to get it

  • Create your story by linking your experiences to your objectives
  • Generate professional communications and an on-line presence that showcases your story
  • Create and manage a network of contacts that can help you meet your objectives
  • Learn how to target leads that provide the greatest opportunity to meet your objectives
  • Develop a pipeline of job leads

3.    Prepare for interviews

  • Learn how hiring managers think, and how to impress them
  • Build your interviewing and body language skills
  • Practice your story and link your experiences directly to the opportunity at hand
  • Practice with an expert, and improve with focused feedback 

4.    Launch with confidence

  • Navigate hiring negotiations
  • Identify key success factors in your new role
  • Learn when and how to ask for support

Regardless of where you are in your job search, I can help. Executives across a wide range of industries and functions have relied on my insight to meet their objectives.  You can too.