A simple, comprehensive job search strategy has three tracks.


Track 1:  Reactive


Look for jobs that have been posted.  Set up job alerts on Indeed or Idealist + whatever companies you are interested in that don’t post anywhere.  Check LinkedIn jobs frequently.


Track 1 of your job search is the easiest but often the least effective.


Track 2:  Proactive


Reach out to contacts to get an inside track on jobs before they get posted, or to ask to get your resume forwarded internally for posted jobs.


Track 2 of your job search requires the most effort.  You really need to put yourself out there, but it will in all likelihood have the biggest payout.  Start with your closest contacts to make it easy on yourself.  Remember the people on the receiving end of your inquiries know perfectly well they may be sending a similar request to you one day.


Track 3:  Professional Learning


Spend some time each week reading up on your industry and companies of choice.  Join free professional associations.  Read the leading blogs in your field.  Follow appropriate LinkedIn groups. 


Track 3 of your job search should be fun- or you’re looking for the wrong job.  Interested is interesting- any knowledge you acquire, any story your read and any fact you pick up may be relevant to share in an interview someday.  Time learning about your field of choice is never wasted.

AuthorAmy Feind-Reeves