An elevator pitch is short and precise.  It needs to get people thinking about how they can help you: whom they know, what they know, where they can introduce you. People want to help, they have all been in your shoes.  You just need to make it easy for them. 


Make sure you have these three components so down pat you could say them in your sleep:


(1) what you’re looking for, (2) why you’ll be good at it, (3) and “can you help me?”


That’s it.  They are your words, at your cadence, with your personality.  Practice it in the shower.  Practice it on your dog.  You should be able to press “play” and spit it out on a moment’s notice.  Because the more you use it, the better chance you have of it working.




“I’m looking for a job in marketing.  I’m fascinated by how advertisers choose channels for spending their marketing dollar.  I have good experience from school and internships analyzing large amounts of data so I know I can add value in an introductory role evaluating campaign results. 

AuthorAmy Feind-Reeves