Words are great!  You’ve probably picked up some favorites for interviewing like “strategic”, “nimble” and “dynamic”.  Interviewers have heard those and lots of others like them.  What they want to hear are examples. 

How have you acted strategically?

In what instance have you performed nimbly?

What kind of dynamic solution have you created?

Words sound good, but they don't mean much unless you can pair them with examples.

When is a SPECIFIC time you acted strategically?  

How has a nimble performance in a work or academic situation positively IMPACTED an outcome in a specific situation?

What was the RESULT when you created a dynamic solution?

Words are just words until you use them in context.  Your skills are just words until you put them into examples.  The value you can add to an organization can be seen in the context of how you've added value in the past.

Use examples to tell stories about how you work, and your stories will do the interview work for you.



AuthorAmy Feind-Reeves