Sure, it’s prestigious to get a cool internship or land a big job.  Looks good on your resume and you can always be proud of the accomplishment.


However, it does not indicate an arrival.  It indicates a departure.  You now have in front of you an opportunity to take initiative and make a difference.  What you accomplish, wherever you are, is more important than where you do it.


So if you are a Google intern, be the Google intern who resolved an algorithm issue that the team had set aside to work on later or redesigned a process that people didn’t even realize could be improved. 

If you're the stock person at the local Gap, redesign the inventory so that its easier to see when stock outs are coming, they happen less frequently, and there is a positive impact on overall sales.  

It's really more about what you do than where you are.


So you got in the door somewhere really cool?  Fantastic.  Don't waste it.

AuthorAmy Feind-Reeves