Your resume shouldn’t say what you did, it should say what you accomplished in order to get noticed.

Being accountable for tasks and responsible for activities shows that you were involved in the fabric of an organization- but how does a hiring manager or a recruiter know that you did them well?  You need to show what you accomplished.  

It is hard to back up that you completed all your tasks on time with 100% accuracy with evidence, partially because that is what you are supposed to do so it won't make you stand out.  But if you took on responsibilities for your manager after (s)he left 3 months into your tenure, that's an accomplishment.  

Maybe you coordinated the launch of a successful new product, beat your quarterly revenue goals 6 out of 8 quarters, or contributed the marketing copy to the most successful social media campaign in the company's history.  That is way more attractive and concrete than saying you were consistently successful in your role or that you work well in teams.

Think about what you've DONE and what you actually DO will become apparent.  Save your space for the accomplishments. 

AuthorAmy Feind-Reeves