1.     Your level of enthusiasm.  The more you want the job, the more likely you are to work hard to succeed in it.

2.     Your understanding of the organization’s goals.  Every organization has a market it is trying to expand, a customer it is trying to woo and competitors it is trying to beat.  Do the research and create some informed questions.

3.     Your work ethic.   Get a highly sought after summer internship?  Good for you.  But what did you accomplish once you got it?  Maybe you worked two jobs at the mall for the summer instead, and also took the initiative to reorganize the stock keeping system at one of them- THAT’s impressive.

4.     Your track record of success.  Success breeds success and is impressive in any field.  Win a sculpture contest? Overcome a learning disability? Voted best caddy three years running?  Flaunt it.  If you’ve done it well, you are likely to know how to rise to the top in any undertaking.

5.     How interested you are.  Have an opinion on the latest management book?  Read a lot about composting?  Strangely attracted to mid-century movies?  If you have an interest and have taken the initiative to become knowledgeable about it, share what you know.  Interested is interesting.

AuthorAmy Feind-Reeves