1.     The other person is going to mostly decide about you in the first 15 seconds.

2.     Both sides really, really hope that it goes well so that they don’t have to do it again.

3.     Lying is futile.  The more genuine you are, the better things will go.

4.     For best results, turn off devices beforehand.

5.     Never ask how much the other person makes, refer to your self in the third person or talk smack about the past.

6.     Your blind date is thinking:  “Could I take this person to a wedding?  Would my mother like this person?”  Your Interviewer is thinking:  “Could I take this person to a conference?   Would my marketing team like this person?”

7.     You need to prepare and trot out your best stories about how awesome you are- but you also need to listen well.

8.     Avoiding garlic, marinara sauce and sweating beforehand is an excellent idea.

9.     If it lasts longer than the originally planned time allotment, it’s a good sign.

10. If a text comes in and you need to cut things short, it’s a bad sign.

11. If it ends with “Lets stay in touch”, you won’t stay in touch.

12. You want your best friend to know everything as soon as it ends.  If your parents must know, you only tell them “fine.”

13. The outcome might not have that much to do with you.  Your interviewer could lose a big client and freeze hiring plans.  Your date could gain a big client and freeze dating plans.

14. There are no follow up timeline rules- could be two days, could be two weeks.  Again, not likely to have a lot to do with you. 

15. If nothing comes of it, you’ll likely never really know what the deal was.   “No sparks” and “not a fit” are just not helpful.

AuthorAmy Feind-Reeves