Once you have accepted an offer, you should make it a priority to build some goodwill with those that have been involved in your job search.  Here’s how:

·      Call anywhere your resume is still active and take yourself out of the running.  This should be a phone call to your HR contact.  Send an email to anyone you have met during the hiring process.  Let them know how much you appreciated being considered for the role.  They are now part of your network and you are part of theirs- leave the door open for further professional communication.

·      Reach out to your references and let them know you have accepted the role, what you will be doing, and how appreciative you are.  This can be as simple as an email or as elaborate as a flower delivery- if you feel comfortable, kick it up a notch.  You are going to want to keep a good relationship with these folks as you may need to reach out to them again at some point. 

·      Send a note to any contacts to whom you reached out and let them know that you have found something- this includes anyone who gave you time, whether or not it was helpful or led to anything.  This can be email, but a handwritten one is much better.  Invest in some good quality (Crane & Co) plain stationery to keep on hand for business.  If you have a birthday coming up, you might want to ask for a professional looking set of notecards with your name (www.thestationerystudio.com has some reasonably priced options). 

·      If you have not kept an up-to-date record of the actions you took in your job search, be sure to at least keep a list of everyone you talked to in the process, their contact info, organization and role.

·      In the years ahead send a shout out if you see anyone getting an award or quoted in the press, etc.  It’s your network and you want to nurture it.  It’s always a good idea to reach out to anyone in your network when you DON'T need something...that way they will take your call when you do.

AuthorAmy Feind-Reeves