I just want to share this article from Debbie Millin at Bentley University. This is the best kind of career advice: simple, practical and based on common sense. Take note JobCoachAmy clients! 


Your GPA matters for your first job. While most professionals don’t talk about their GPA once they are in the workforce, it is one of the few data points potential employers will have to compare you to other candidates for your first job. Strive to get it above a 3.0 to put yourself in the running.

Get an internship. This is built into the curriculum at most schools, but if it’s not mandated you should do it on your own – preferably something related to your major. It is one of the best “professional” work experiences most graduates will have on their resume. It is important to show initiative and interest in your chosen field.

Participate in a campus organization. There are hundreds of options at every college to get involved with an activity. Choose something you are passionate about, but also look at it as an opportunity for you to hone your skills and shine to a potential employer. It’s even better to serve in a leadership role or start your own group. Employers like to see involvement and responsibility. 


AuthorAmy Feind-Reeves