I help you get a job you love, and then help you to succeed in it.


  • You learn how to make career choices and set job search objectives that are best for YOU based on what you know you’re good at and what you know you like.
  • You learn how to build your own network and manage your own career, skills that will help you for a lifetime.
  • You won’t be asked to purchase resume writing products or interview skills workshops. I provide individual training and one-on-one support from your first application to your first performance review.
  • Your needs are my focus. I work exclusively with current and recent grads – over the years I’ve helped dozens of people land jobs and start careers. I’m choosing to do it full-time because I love delivering results for new grads.
  • You get an inside track by leveraging my experience as a hiring manager - I know what supervisors look for and prepare you to shine.
  • Together, we organize and leverage your available resources, not replace them. Parents, friends and your alma mater all want to help. We sort out all that advice together and turn it into an action plan. 
  • We continue to work together throughout your first six months on the job, to make sure you succeed. Supervisors of entry-level positions often fail to provide clear objectives or clear feedback to their employees. Working together, we take the stress out of success.


Examples of where JobCoachAmy Clients are starting their careers: